Early Access Games Even Before Official Release , Cheaper Than Anywhere

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the newest microsoft console Xbox one series X will have its own voice hardware that will present a few more diffrences and changes in qualities that we are gonna see what they really are.

also its good too point out the thing that this 9th generation console will have a lot more option than it fathers.

for example backward complability will be expanded so much more than before and there will be some improvements in CPU part that in my opinion  actually can make this console to a monster!

as all the gamers know sounds are the one of the most important part of a great game. if you actually want to have the best experience while you are playing a game the first need you need is a good speaker or some headphones to make you believe the atomosphere of the game .

So microsoft knows this thing about gaming and is trying to bring the best sound experience for the gamers that are using xbox and Xbox one X gonna have the best speakers that it will affect the price alittle bit but i think it costs for a better gamig 😉

as you have already read the title this company is going to announce a new title in the following week .also hideki kamiya (chief game designer) promised that he will give us new information about bayonta 3 while presenting the new game.

it seems that all the story will be told on the PAX East and the company will be there for the game The Wonderful 101: Remastered and probably the new game is gonna be show along side this title.

but all of this is just a guess with high probability of happening we just need to wait to see what actually will happen.

in addition to all this there is gonna be an interview with hideki kamiya because of the 10th anniversary of Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle so it seems the information of the update of bayonta3 will be presented by him.


we have waited so much and finally we are reciving some sort of news that actually is presenting this golden title of this legendary series (grand theft auto).But unfortunately there are some problems in the multiplayer parts so rockstar decided to sacrifice this part to actually solve the issue.it looks like the year 2020 is not a good one for this game on steam as the last month that the game was removed from the service because of windows platform services and now there is a new problem.

but don’t worry for the game the company also decided to replace all the avalable versions of this game instead of Grand Theft Auto IV: complete edition so the fans wont be disappointed.

also there is no need for player to worry about the save files that they had on the standard version all of them would be back on the complete edition that is already replaced on steam.

all of this changes is gonna happen on the date 19th march so be ready guys there isn’t much left so get a copy of the game in case things wont workout with rockstar again!