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Picross -LogiartGrimoire-

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Logiart Grimoire is a puzzle game that combines the number puzzle “Logiart” and the word puzzle “Fusion” in which you deduce combinations from clues.

You, who have taken hold of the Logiart grimoire, encounter Emil, the custodian of the grimoire.

Originally, the grimoire was the book that could solve “Logiart”,
but the magic it held has gone awry, transforming it into an enigmatic grimoire.
Most of the “Logiart” can no longer be unraveled.

You, guided by the Logiart’s grimoire, will be able to solve its mysteries and once again restore the ability to solve “Logiart.”
Join Emil in unraveling the mysteries of the mysterious grimoire and restore it to its original state.

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North America, Asia, Europe, Global, Japan, Latin America, South Korea, Turkey