the newest microsoft console Xbox one series X will have its own voice hardware that will present a few more diffrences and changes in qualities that we are gonna see what they really are.

also its good too point out the thing that this 9th generation console will have a lot more option than it fathers.

for example backward complability will be expanded so much more than before and there will be some improvements in CPU part that in my opinion  actually can make this console to a monster!

as all the gamers know sounds are the one of the most important part of a great game. if you actually want to have the best experience while you are playing a game the first need you need is a good speaker or some headphones to make you believe the atomosphere of the game .

So microsoft knows this thing about gaming and is trying to bring the best sound experience for the gamers that are using xbox and Xbox one X gonna have the best speakers that it will affect the price alittle bit but i think it costs for a better gamig 😉